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M5525 trenchcoat in waterproof fabric

Howdy! Long time, no blog.

I took my sweet time getting this make completed. Looking back at my Instagram, I started looking at lining back on 19 May!

I then spent an entire weekend tweaking my muslin, and did all the alterations ALL ON MY OWN! This is a big thing for me.

Firstly, I chose view E, but as you will see, it is a very busy print, so I didn’t include all the tabs. Also, laziness.

The first step was to grade out the pattern. I only had it up to size 16. I needed a lot more room in the bust and a ton of room for my hips and thighs. Hello #muscle. I graded out the pattern by adding 1cm on each side of the pattern pieces, except for the centre seams, so I wouldn’t need to redraft the neckline.

The next step was the first muslin. I made items without the sleeves at first.

Muslin #1. Fit in the bust is ok, no walking room for my thighs.

Removing 2cm from my small but perfectly formed shoulders.

I redrafted the side seams and added 5cm to the side seams at the bottom. It ended up being more hourglass shaped.

I don’t have a photo, but I also removed 2cm from the back in the middle of my shoulder blades.

I only adjusted the left side. I think?

Yup, left side.

A couple of days later I worked up the courage to deal with the sleeves. It turned out that I only needed to add an extra 1cm to each side!

Not a lab coat, trench coat 😎

I then procrastinated on cutting out.

Silly Amy.

The fabric wasn’t particularly fun to sew. As it is plastic, once you have a hole, it stays there!

The lining was great though. Soooooooooo pretty.

I sent the fabric for the belt away to Button Mania. They are a great company to deal with and do such a professional job.

When the belt came back I procrastinated again (mainly because started sewing jeans!

I tried to sew the buttonholes, but alas, my machine refused to sew them. So I decided last night to just go without buttons.

I took photos today with one of the Spoolettes as my work wife is on her honeymoon!

Serious modelling

*Hair flick* yes, I did make this. No, I am not making one for you.
Room for my muscles πŸ’ͺ
My superpower is taking ridiculous photos in the public
What, no can can kicks?
My lining is BALLERINAS!
Covering up my rtw clothes. So ashamed πŸ˜‰

I am pretty darn chuffed with the outcome. Definitely will save my patterns pieces to make another trench in cotton in 2019.

The outer fabric was 3m and came from The Fabric Store, and the lining was about 2.5m andi came from Clear It Fabrics in the Fitzroy, Melbourne.

*drum roll please *
2018 TOTAL FABRIC USED = 39.5m

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Two Vogue 9201

So over ambitious Amy decided that it would be a great idea to cut out three shirt dresses to make over Easter. Six weeks after Easter they are all finally finished.

I have already posted my Peacock Liberty print V1511 a few weeks ago.

I finished my black Linen V9201 in fabric from Montmartre in Paris a few weeks ago. You may have seen it on my Instagram.

Linen crumples. I forgot that. My lipstick is so on point.

You may have noticed that we are in a new location. Brisbane winter has arrived! Wrinkle butt πŸ˜‚
Still bright and sunny though. Stop squinting, you’ll get wrinkles!
Imitating my Nanna. She was stylish as hell and popped her collars way before it was cool.
A very happy seamstress.

And I finally finished my rayon purple on purple spots last night! It’s a little cool for rayon, but it works in this pattern.

Pleased as punch.

Why yes, judge who just walked past, I am doing this on the street.
No wrinkly butt today!
Checkout these awesome sleeves.

The fabric is from Clear It Fabrics in Melbourne.

I don’t think I will make this dress again. They collar just isn’t hugely flattering, and I they hidden button band is a serious pain in the arse.

My next project is a secret, but after that the Brisbane Spoolettes are getting together to make jeans!!! I am organising it (I do not profess to be an expert, but I have a LOT of books on fitting so I figure that we can conquer them together.

These two dresses used 3m each!!!!!

And I just checked my last dress post, I forgot to update my fabric usage! That dress uses 4m!

So, the current total is……
2018 TOTAL FABRIC USED = 34.0m

Me made

Vogue 1511 in Peacock feather Liberty

I have wanted to make this fabric since early March 2017, when I bought this fabric at Shaukat in London.

Shaukat is an excellent store. It’s got a cavernous downstairs area and some more stuff on street level. It’s intimidating to try to pick fabric, but the staff are so lovely. If you are like me, and spend a LOT in store, they will do up the form for you to get your VAT refunded.

Anyway, I was there on the Friday in March, having been to Liberty (I wasn’t going to pay Liberty prices for fabric when I was going to Shaukat anyway). As I recall, I had caught a virus from visiting museums and palaces.

I was determined to buy fabric to make another Vogue 1511, as my two earlier ones were so successful. I picked this fabric and was initially worried that it would be too heavy. I needn’t have worried, as the weight is perfect for showing off the fabric and the skirt!

Because this is medium weight, the fabric behaved well, and even though I struggled with pattern matching on some parts, I think it worked out well and isn’t a total Monet (see Clueless).

Thanks to my ever lovely and amazing work wife for taking photographs on the way to coffee!

It’s very bright and early
Testing for twirlyness. Excellent twirlyness.
Matches my red shoes!
I love how three of the feathers match up. They are like Destiny’s Child, back before BeyoncΓ© was a solo superstar.
I love this photo.
Photo taken last night. As you can see, Catpurrnicus is super impressed that our hair now matches.
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Ida Clutch, or, I have actually been sewing….

So cutting out three dresses at once was a bad idea. I somehow decided to make them all at once (and I got awfully excited about handsewing so much for neat finishing).

I have finished one dress, which will make its debut tomorrow.

For now I want to show you my Ida Clutch. It’s such a lovely pattern and only takes about 90 minutes from cutting out to showing it off.

I bought some beautiful rose gold hardware from

I used the leftover liberty from one of the shirtdresses I am wearing tomorrow, with some ancient Heather Ross fabric I have been saving for special makes like this!

Without further ado, pictures!

Naked ladies. Heheh.
I made a thing!

I bought five sets of magnetic snaps and zips, so I am definitely going to make more!

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Preparation for Easter

Life has gotten in the way of sewing for the last few weeks, so I took some time on Sunday and this evening (Monday) to cut out a few projects.

It turns out that all of my fabrics come from exotic locales: Paris, London and Melbourne!

My mum and dad got me this lovely basket for my birthday last month, which has immediately been put to use as my project basket.

Hoping to have at least one new dress for you next week! πŸ’– πŸ’– πŸ’–

My second favourite kind of picnic basket.
Black linen from Paris, Montmartre actually. Pretty good quality for a coupon! #teamtrace
Liberty from London! Purchased from the lovely Shaukat. Intimidating shop, loooovely staff.
Rayon from Clear It, Fitzroy in Melbourne. It was a bugger to cut straight.
I have a tendency to repeat patterns once the fit is perfect. Why agonise over fitting when you can make the same dress over and over again?!
I loooove this pattern. Swishy skirt, check. Designer pattern, check. Adding in a pocket – who designs a dress without pockets?!?!?!
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Day and Night Dress Challenge

I joined the Day and Night Dress Challenge run by Elizabeth this year.

For my birthday last weekend I had hoped to have a picnic and cocktails with my friends in the awesome Brisbane Spoolettes, but alas, we have been getting late summer rain! We had a to make do with cocktails alone.

For my cocktail dress, I used some loooovely silk from the Fabric Store that I bought with one of my Christmas vouchers. I used Vogue 1174, which came from my pattern collection (I have wanted to make it for about a decade!). I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

Alas, the only photos I have were taken in my hallway. I had to wait for a friend to come over to zip me up! I had too much fun having cocktails to take proper photos.

Now for the day dress, aka, a dress for coffee. I figured, as a lawyer, I could make something work appropriate, seeing as lawyers are powered by coffee.

I used some Liberty purchased in London last year from Shaukat and the pattern is V9201. Even the model on the front looks like a lawyer.

However, I feel like the pattern and the fabric have made a lovely dress for a nun. It’s way more conservative than I would normally wear, and though the Liberty print is gorgeous, it is busy and melds together. What do you think?

The good thing about making two dresses is how much fabric each one uses!

The cocktail dress needed a main fabric, which I underlined because it is quite see-through, and lined, used 7m!

The coffee dress used 3m.

10m for two dresses!
2018 TOTAL FABRIC USED = 24.0m

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Burda wrap dress number 2

Hi everyone! Omg it’s February. Maybe it will be Christmas before we know it?

Last year I decided that I needed (as much as someone who has 11 wrap dresses in her wardrobe can) a green wrap dress.

I bought some beautiful cotton from Crafty Mamas (Lisa knows where to get the good stuff), but it wasn’t quite the right green. So I dyed it!

I love dying fabric in the washing machine, it feels like alchemy. I use this one from Spotlight. I used the second hottest setting on my washing machine because I was worried about destroying the elastane in the fabric.

This was destined to be an Appleton, but I decided to make it Burda wrap dress number 2.

The neckline is bound with the Appleton neckband pieces, altered for length. I will do this next time, but I am going to make them half as wide.

Without further ado, photos!

I wore the dress first to the Brisbane Spoolettes trip to see Phantom Thread. Gorgeous movie, bizarre storyline. Why must every creative genius be an absolute arsehole?

Laughing at others not cool enough to have a green dress.
Elphaba laughs at your conventionally coloured outfit.

And today I took photos in our usual spot on the way to coffee.

It was so damn bright outside, and not just because of my dress!
Twirling twirling

The dress uses around 2.5m. I didn’t make anyone fit alterations this time.

2018 TOTAL FABRIC USED = 14.0m