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Dressed, the book, pattern #2

If I were being extra pedantic this pattern would be the V-neck tshirt as it is the next variation. I am not that person. For a lawyer, I am remarkably not an A type sewer.

I have made the next actual pattern in the Dressed book, the skirt!

It’s a very simple elastic waisted skirt.

As you can see it’s a simple design. Instead of the usual gathered dirndl style skirt, Deer and Doe have gone for a slightly gathered skirt from the usual pattern block (darts removed).

It’s a great second pattern to make as it has a few curved seams, easy to insert elastic and simple seams to match. I didn’t use the instructions except to check the seam allowance and the elastic length.

Fabric Store pic!

The pattern says to use a lightweight woven, so of course I used a medium weight polyester satin from a dear friend (thanks Alison 😘❤️). It sits differently than it would in a lighter woven, and I like it that way.

This book has excellent separates.

So of course, my next pattern will be the dress.

I should have adjusted the skirt before I took this. Oof.

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Dressed, the book, pattern #1

Would you believe that I have actually made a pattern I planned to make?!?!!


Of course, however, it is shown underneath another make.

I’m a 39 year old schoolgirl!
Yes my eyes are closed. I meant to take the photo this way.

The T-Shirt is the first pattern in Dressed. Frankly, a t-shirt isn’t the easiest of patterns to start with. First you have to get a ballpoint needle, know to only stretch certain pieces when sewing and deal with the vexation of using a twin needle.

That being said, it’s an easy t-shirt to make, as it has grown on (or dolman if you’re being fancy) sleeves. I like Deer and Doe patterns to start with, as they use a C cup to draft with (YAY) and their pattern names are super fun to pronounce. The english translation of tee shiiirt is easy to say 😉

The round neck is a bit low for my liking, and it seems like it might stretch out a little. Though it is a fairly slouchy design so maybe that’s what they want? The sleeves are obviously easy to do, but you get the bunching you can see under the arms. I haven’t tried their Plaintain tshirt (which has the usual t-shirt sleeve design) but I know it’s pretty popular.

A white t-shirt is always useful in the wardrobe. Though I already have a stain on the inside of this one thanks to my lovely iron. (It’s complaining about wanting something called “a clean”. I really don’t understand what it’s on about)

The real star of this outfit is the Fiona sundress (from always on trend Closet Core Patterns). This one is hacked to use a centre back zipper, and I used the Butterick B6089 (out of print) skirt. I also taught myself how to match up the pleats with the princess seams. It’s really not too difficult, though it involves some fidgeting to get it matching.

I’m not the first to hack the Fiona in this way. It’s such a lovely bodice it lends itself to this.

Obviously I included pockets because I’m not a monster.


Fabric for the dress is a royal blue/navy viscose twill from Remnant Warehouse.

Overall I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out. It’s not perfect at the sides, but I need extra space for next winter when I might wear thicker shirts underneath.

I already have the next pattern from the Dressed book cut out – a skirt in poly satin! Going for midi length to be oh so fancy.



So it’s been a while since I last posted.

Life is very different.

I now live on my own with two of the four kitties I shared with my ex-husband.

They are still demanding!

I’ve been buying a lot of patterns (surprise!). A lot have been books, ebooks and blocks.

Starting with the (now published in English) Dressed from Deer and Doe, I’m going to be working on some separates and easy sews.

This will be a nice change, after my Jasika blazer.

I really need to take more pics of this.

Hopefully this won’t be exceedingly boring for you.


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Jumping into jumpsuits

Hi dear readers.

My apologies for not updating the blog. What can I say, I read and write all day at work.

I have made the Zadie jumpsuit twice.

One in lightweight denim. I wear this one frequently. Of course I made it back in April, so I can’t find the original photo. Here’s the instagram link.

One in cotton jacquard for a wedding.


And finally a pair of Closet Case Patterns Jenny overalls in lemon print cotton. I get lots of compliments with these.

Happy sewing peeps.



So I have definitely been on a pants making frenzy. They are comfortable (and I don’t need to take measures to protect my thighs in their wild passionate love affair) and are useful in the Brisbane “winter”.

First cab off the rank after my birthday boiler suit was my long Chi Town Chinos from Alina Design Co. My lovely awesome friend Kerryne made a pair last year and I had to make some.

So my first pair were made in black cotton twill from The Fabric Store in Brisbane. The cotton was a joy to sew with (isn’t it always?) and I finalised them the night of my birthday, which happened to be the night the Oscars were shown on Australian television. So I jumped between discussion of the dresses with the Spoolettes and sewing.

I wore them the next day to work with a top I inherited from my sewing friend Liz.

Bathroom photo!

It’s more flattering when my hands are out of my pockets, I swear

Hi Natalie!

I wear them about once a week. But they require ironing, ugh.

I them moved onto the Camille Jumpsuit pants from Sew Over It. These are wide legged, so I just copied my crotch curve. I had to bring the waistband down by about 5cm so they weren’t sitting underneath my boobs 😂

Again photos at work.


I ended up taking these up a few inches due to lack of height.

I then started another pair of Chinos, but thought I would end up making the Camille Jumpsuit to wear to the Brisbane Spoolettes High Tea. I ended up giving up on that and finished my Chinos and drafted a new top (there’s photos detailing my drafting process on my Instagram). The fabric is cotton sateen from the Brisbane Fabric Store. Top is an ancient black satin from the stash.

I’m so fancy


Over shoulder hides the chins!

Thinking about what else I have in the stash to make into Chinos


Post wine, obviously

If you are in Brisbane and are a sewer, please join us! We love other sewers. And of course you know that Sewing Friends Are The Best.

Have you sewn pants? Have you gotten over your pants angst? Do you often discuss your crotch with other sewers? 😂 Let me know.

I forgot my usual stats!

2019 fabric used 2.5m for the Chinos + 1. 5m for the top and 2.4m for the Camille pants= 17.7m total.

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In which I get over my anxiety and make pants and a jumpsuit!

Hi everyone.

Hope the sewing gods have been on your side and you have been making it work.

As much as I love dresses, pants are definitely much more comfortable when you have extra muscly thighs.

I made, but did not blog, my jeans last year. Primarily because the first pair were a small disaster as I cut out the pockets out of the bottom of one of the legs, and I hemmed the second pair too short!

In my #makenine2019 I decided that I finally would make pants.

I started with the Alina Design Co Chi-Town Chinos.

There shorts turned out pretty well. I ended up extending the crotch for the aforementioned muscly legs:

Black shorts are a great first make, no one can see the mistakes!

Rear view, he heheh

Pocketses! Also note the Kylie and the Machine labels.

Today is my birthday, and because I love celebrating it, I caught up with a few of the Spoolettes and non-sewing friends (they exist!) for drinks and nibbles.

A few weeks ago I decided to make the Jean Paul Boiler Suit from Ready to Sew. I just had to do it.

Now I am not the kind of sewer that makes jumpsuits or playsuits. I have steadfastly refused to accept that trend into my life.

Aaaaaaaaaahhhh, time can change your perspective. I couldn’t resist their siren call.

I FINALLY made myself do an FBA. It really REALLY makes a difference to avoid the dreaded button gape-ing.

Muslin, featuring the adorable postcard from The Drapery.

After I had that sorted, I moved onto my main fabric. It’s beautiful, gorgeous, sumptuous tencel from The Drapery. I didn’t realise until halfway through sewing that it was essentially army green. Oh well, I look amazing.

Happy Amy.

Checkout that arm groove. Body by Hotfox Fitness.

Look mum! No boob gape here!!!!

I couldn’t decide between the pink singlet and the black tshirt.

I didn’t get any pictures while we were partying. I must get mote photos of this beauty.

The pattern was a dream to sew. Ready to Sew is a new to me company. Excellent instructions, even though I mixed up the left and right sides of the bodice. Can you tell though? Absolutely not. Looks damn fine.

2019 fabric used 1.2m for the shorts + 3m for the boiler suit = 8.8m total.

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Cat Print Bella Dress

Hi to my five readers, hope that you are sewing lots.

I made this about two weeks ago.

Like the lazy mofo I am, I decided that I wouldn’t change the colour of my overlocker thread (despite having a Babylock that takes 30 seconds to thread) and that I would do French seams on my next Tessuti Bella Dress.

I forgot that I wanted to include pockets (because all dresses should have pockets). I figured out a way to have French seams on my pockets, but it involved hand stitching them. I got into the Netflix series Empresses in The Palace while doing this. It has subtitles, so it took four hours to sew.

Anyway, it’s adorable as fuck.

I am stealing and altering the Pattern Review standard questions for my reviews, because I want to.

Pattern Description: Tessuti Bella Dress
Pattern Sizing: XXS to XL, used L
Fabric Used: Cat print linen cotton blend from Spotlight. Approx 2.6m
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: adjusted last time.
Conclusion: Currently looking through my stash for more fabric to make another

2019 fabric used 2.6m this time + 2m last time = 4.6m total.

Neil is super impressed

I don’t care. Love this fuzzball



Cat butt

Me made · PR Sewing Bee

Kimono Cardigan for PR Sewing Bee Round 1

When I first read the theme for the first round of the contest I had no idea what to use in my stash. Coral isn’t really a colour I wear. 

I grew up in North Queensland, Australia. Specifically Townsville (yes, it’s a real place!). Townsville is the main city in the north of my state, and features an AMAZING aquarium run by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (that’s GBRMPA for those of you playing at home) because it’s right off the Great Barrier Reef. I loved visiting the aquarium as a kid and teenager. It has one of those cool tunnels that you can walk through under the fish and sharks. The fish are out of this world.

I looked through my stash and found this beautiful blue, black and white mesh that I found at a fabric swap in 2018. It’s so damn tropical and reminds me of the sea and the amazing tropical plants in Nth Qld, which as I said, is close to the reef.

I also was stuck for a pattern because it’s 1: the middle of summer and 2: in the middle of a heat wave. Australia has broken heat records in the last week!

So I had found a cool fabric, but I needed a cool pattern. I came up with the Lisette B6464 kimono jacket/cardigan. It’s super loose and lets the breeze through! 

Of course I made it and decided that I could wear it with jeans or shorts. But I was too excited to wait for the morning for my husband to get home, so I took a few photos with my tripod:

Kimono sleeves!
Deciding what fabric to make this in next….
Check out that seam matching!

Not having made one of these before I found that I really love it! It’s super comfy and perfect for lounging around the house or going to the movies.

And now for the standard review:

Pattern Description: Loose fitted kimono jacket/cardigan, Butterick B6464 by Lisette
Pattern Sizing: 6-14 (used 14)
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?Different fit as it is a knit.
Were the instructions easy to follow? Didn’t use the instructions
Fabric Used: Knit mesh and black cotton jersey from the stash
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: None
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes, super easy to make
Conclusion: Currently looking through my stash for more fabric to make another 

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Black Deer and Doe Myosotis

Another pattern I have been eyeing for forever. And when Jen from the Brisbane Spoolettes made it in black poplin, I knew that I had to unashamedly copy her.

Fabric was picked up at Super Cheap Fabrics in Collingwood during our holiday.

Because it’s such a loose dress, I didn’t make any changes. It is perfect as is.

I didn’t take any photos of it on Christmas Day (mainly because I was too excited about the amazing sourdough bread I made).

Here it is on me today in my sewing room.

It’s kind of fabric hungry at 3m. Comfy as hell. Probably will make it again.

2018 TOTAL FABRIC USED = 62.6m Not bad for a year.

I have also spent my break from work cataloguing my fabrics, after having catalogued my patterns in Trello a few months ago.

All my fabric is in these neatly laid out boxes

My current pattern total is 176 patterns.

Fabric current total is 257m!

As for my 2019 plans? Here’s my wishlist:

  • French jacket, finally using a piece of the fabric I purchased in Paris
  • Another few wrap dresses, woven this time
  • Skirts and tops
  • Pants and shorts

Nothing too extravagant here. But I have been watching a ton of couture videos on YouTube, so expect something over the top for Frocktails!