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Burda wrap dress number 2

Hi everyone! Omg it’s February. Maybe it will be Christmas before we know it?

Last year I decided that I needed (as much as someone who has 11 wrap dresses in her wardrobe can) a green wrap dress.

I bought some beautiful cotton from Crafty Mamas (Lisa knows where to get the good stuff), but it wasn’t quite the right green. So I dyed it!

I love dying fabric in the washing machine, it feels like alchemy. I use this one from Spotlight. I used the second hottest setting on my washing machine because I was worried about destroying the elastane in the fabric.

This was destined to be an Appleton, but I decided to make it Burda wrap dress number 2.

The neckline is bound with the Appleton neckband pieces, altered for length. I will do this next time, but I am going to make them half as wide.

Without further ado, photos!

I wore the dress first to the Brisbane Spoolettes trip to see Phantom Thread. Gorgeous movie, bizarre storyline. Why must every creative genius be an absolute arsehole?

Laughing at others not cool enough to have a green dress.
Elphaba laughs at your conventionally coloured outfit.

And today I took photos in our usual spot on the way to coffee.

It was so damn bright outside, and not just because of my dress!
Twirling twirling

The dress uses around 2.5m. I didn’t make anyone fit alterations this time.

2018 TOTAL FABRIC USED = 14.0m

Me made

Burda Pleated Wrap Dress 08/2017 #109B

I had hoped to post a new item once a week this year, unfortunately things haven’t worked out that way.

At least I have worked on one of the patterns I said that I would attempt in my last post!

I present my Burda wrap dress, made without ties and held together by two heavy duty snaps!

Why yes, I am glamorous as hell.
Side glamour
Compulsory face making
Alternate side glamour
This was taken earlier in the day. Being the diva I am, I held a second photoshoot at lunch to ensure perfection.
The all important twirlyness test.
Only achieved semi twirlyness.
I have a back!

This dress is an achievement for me, because I did most of the alterations myself!

My lovely sewing teacher and I traced out the pattern one Saturday afternoon. We did some minor modifications to the skirt. I made that into the following toile of old, crappy fabric:

As you can see, there is not enough room in the skirt, and the shoulder seam is about 4cm off my shoulder!

So I took in 4cm in the middle of each shoulder piece and the back, and did the ye olde slash and spread on the skirt pieces to add extra butt room. I then made it up in more old fabric:

It worked! So I cut it out in the real fabric, eliminating the facing pieces, because I had a sneaking suspicion that the fabric wouldn’t sit nice and flat in a knit.

After making the rest of the dress up, I drafted some bands (which are going to be slightly modified on the next version). There is an excellent post on the Colette Patterns blog about this. Basically, your band piece will be 90% of the length of the piece you are attaching the band to. Thank goodness my phone has a calculator.

To finish, I used two very large snaps from my haberdashery, leftover from my August Gentlemen Prefer Blondes dress. I had to sew them in TWICE because I was too excited and kept installing them the wrong way around.

I don’t have an exact amount of fabric used on this one. I purchased the fabric in Melbourne at Clear It in Fitzroy, and purchased 5m. I think the dress took up about 2.8m? Let’s just go with 3, eh? 🙂

2018 TOTAL FABRIC USED = 11.5m. DOUBLE DIGITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me made

Appleton #11

It’s #newdressday! My favourite day, because I always get amazing feedback on my Instagram and in real life.

This is the Appleton that I cut out the other week under the supervision of Catpurrnicus (all our cats are named after scientists, Purrni is named after Copernicus). The fabric is from Zebra Fabrics. It’s sold out, but Margo has some beautiful things, you should go check her store out.

It’s the usual altered Appleton pattern.

Without further ado, here are the photos!

So very pretty!
Testing the twirlyness.
Stop talking while modelling!
It was very sunny
Now that modelling is done, I can have coffee!!!!

I have to say, that though I love my Appletons, I am getting a bit of Appleton fatigue. So here is my wrap dress wishlist.

  1. 1940s wrap dress from Sew Over It (purchased on sale already!).
  2. The wrap dress in Gertie’s Sew Vintage Casual book (again, I already own this).
  3. This dress from Burda magazine. I love the pleated bodice, though I might alter the skirt to be straight at the hem.

This adds to the 2018 fabric usage total! It uses 2.5m.

2018 fabric used = 8.5m.

Hopefully I will have something new for you next week, I am working on shorts!

Me made

Butterick B6446

We’re into the second week of the year and I already have another dress completed!

Funnily enough I finished this before my black Vogue 9253, but I wanted to wait until I got good daytime photos. (and I had to wait for my trusty work wife to return from holidays)

As soon as Butterick released this pattern I was drawn to it. Probably because the sample on the envelope is made in black and white gingham! It’s freaking adorable.

I worked with my sewing teacher on the fit. As it turned out we drafted the entire thing from my blocks, except for the sash and pockets 😂. I was a bit too hopeful when I bought the smaller size I guess…

You might have seen my photo on my Instagram when I was drafting the skirt. I used the pleats as a guide and used my skirt block. It’s kinda fun to draft your own skirt! You can make it as swishy as you want.

When I first tried this on at home I  thought that the colour washed me out. Which was a pity, because I bought this beautiful fabric in Montmartre on my fabric tour in March 2017. It’s so damn cute.

I’m quite pleased with how it looks in the light. Go me!

And so we come to the photos!!

Testing for twirlyness
It does indeed twirl.
Why yes, I did draft this.
Supermodel Amy
Showing the pockets.
Amazon Amy!
Up close and creasy on the bodice!
So professional. POCKETS!

So that’s it! Because it was finished in 2018, adding to the total.

Fabric used = 3m

2018 fabric used = 6m.

Me made

Vogue 9253

Hi Everyone!

Today’s post is photo heavy because I was having too much fun modelling.

I made today’s dress as a ‘wearable muslin’ for a dress I made back in December for a wedding. I didn’t finish the dress originally, just checked the fit and then cut into the ‘real’ fabric.

Here’s the dress for the wedding!

No lipstick but full makeup. Why?!?!?
Mmmm cake

The muslin of the dress languished in my sewing room for a couple of weeks, daring me to get my arse into gear. This week I got to it!

Oh yeah!
Amy’s usual crazy pose
Trying to remove the under chin shadows?
Slouching… and bonus cat butt!
Love these sleeves.
I can dance in this dress
So adorable!
Chins for days….
Last, but not least, the half-turn pose.

The pattern alterations were as follows – very few:

  • Used size M and added 1.2cm width by grading along the bottom of the bodice piece.
  • Sewed up the middle of the bodice about 10cm.and
  • Added 2cm along the top of the sleeve starting at the neckline grading down to 0cm added at the end of the sleeve.

Fabric details:

  • the dress for the December wedding was made in a floral satin polyester from Darn Cheap Fabrics purchased in September 2016.
  • the muslin dress (which, TBH, I love more than the ‘real’ dress) is a rayon print from Spotlight (I can’t find it on their website).

And because this dress is technically finished in 2018, I can start my yardage total!

This used 3m of rayon.  I have about a metre left (I bought 4m) so it’s likely to become an Ogden cami at some point.