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Cat Print Bella Dress

Hi to my five readers, hope that you are sewing lots.

I made this about two weeks ago.

Like the lazy mofo I am, I decided that I wouldn’t change the colour of my overlocker thread (despite having a Babylock that takes 30 seconds to thread) and that I would do French seams on my next Tessuti Bella Dress.

I forgot that I wanted to include pockets (because all dresses should have pockets). I figured out a way to have French seams on my pockets, but it involved hand stitching them. I got into the Netflix series Empresses in The Palace while doing this. It has subtitles, so it took four hours to sew.

Anyway, it’s adorable as fuck.

I am stealing and altering the Pattern Review standard questions for my reviews, because I want to.

Pattern Description: Tessuti Bella Dress
Pattern Sizing: XXS to XL, used L
Fabric Used: Cat print linen cotton blend from Spotlight. Approx 2.6m
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: adjusted last time.
Conclusion: Currently looking through my stash for more fabric to make another

2019 fabric used 2.6m this time + 2m last time = 4.6m total.

Neil is super impressed
I don’t care. Love this fuzzball
Cat butt
Me made · PR Sewing Bee

Kimono Cardigan for PR Sewing Bee Round 1

When I first read the theme for the first round of the contest I had no idea what to use in my stash. Coral isn’t really a colour I wear. 

I grew up in North Queensland, Australia. Specifically Townsville (yes, it’s a real place!). Townsville is the main city in the north of my state, and features an AMAZING aquarium run by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (that’s GBRMPA for those of you playing at home) because it’s right off the Great Barrier Reef. I loved visiting the aquarium as a kid and teenager. It has one of those cool tunnels that you can walk through under the fish and sharks. The fish are out of this world.

I looked through my stash and found this beautiful blue, black and white mesh that I found at a fabric swap in 2018. It’s so damn tropical and reminds me of the sea and the amazing tropical plants in Nth Qld, which as I said, is close to the reef.

I also was stuck for a pattern because it’s 1: the middle of summer and 2: in the middle of a heat wave. Australia has broken heat records in the last week!

So I had found a cool fabric, but I needed a cool pattern. I came up with the Lisette B6464 kimono jacket/cardigan. It’s super loose and lets the breeze through! 

Of course I made it and decided that I could wear it with jeans or shorts. But I was too excited to wait for the morning for my husband to get home, so I took a few photos with my tripod:

Kimono sleeves!
Deciding what fabric to make this in next….
Check out that seam matching!

Not having made one of these before I found that I really love it! It’s super comfy and perfect for lounging around the house or going to the movies.

And now for the standard review:

Pattern Description: Loose fitted kimono jacket/cardigan, Butterick B6464 by Lisette
Pattern Sizing: 6-14 (used 14)
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?Different fit as it is a knit.
Were the instructions easy to follow? Didn’t use the instructions
Fabric Used: Knit mesh and black cotton jersey from the stash
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: None
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes, super easy to make
Conclusion: Currently looking through my stash for more fabric to make another 

blah blah blah · Me made

Black Deer and Doe Myosotis

Another pattern I have been eyeing for forever. And when Jen from the Brisbane Spoolettes made it in black poplin, I knew that I had to unashamedly copy her.

Fabric was picked up at Super Cheap Fabrics in Collingwood during our holiday.

Because it’s such a loose dress, I didn’t make any changes. It is perfect as is.

I didn’t take any photos of it on Christmas Day (mainly because I was too excited about the amazing sourdough bread I made).

Here it is on me today in my sewing room.

It’s kind of fabric hungry at 3m. Comfy as hell. Probably will make it again.

2018 TOTAL FABRIC USED = 62.6m Not bad for a year.

I have also spent my break from work cataloguing my fabrics, after having catalogued my patterns in Trello a few months ago.

All my fabric is in these neatly laid out boxes

My current pattern total is 176 patterns.

Fabric current total is 257m!

As for my 2019 plans? Here’s my wishlist:

  • French jacket, finally using a piece of the fabric I purchased in Paris
  • Another few wrap dresses, woven this time
  • Skirts and tops
  • Pants and shorts

Nothing too extravagant here. But I have been watching a ton of couture videos on YouTube, so expect something over the top for Frocktails!

Me made

Megan Nielsen Floreat Grey Linen dress

We took a short, but lovely, holiday in Melbourne in mid November. Of course I purchased fabric, but I have been trying to be more thoughtful about my purchases.

A couple of weeks before we went away Megan Nielsen released the Floreat Dress. I kept looking at the grey linen sample, so I picked up some lovely Japanese linen from Tessuti in Melbourne CBD.

This dress was made to wear to my dear friend Tiffany’s wedding (I also made the dress, but Tiff has requested that I wait a while before posting that! But I am going to count the fabric in this post so I have a more impressive 2018 total).

I checked the pattern against my blocks. I don’t recall making any adjustments. But I finished this on 1 December, and Christmas has done its job of making me forget this year.

I wore this dress as much as I could between 1 December and 24 December, when it was tossed aside in favour of my Christmas Day dress 😉

The short sleeve Floreat uses about 3m.

Tiffany’s wedding dress was silk with a satin viscose twill lining. About 5m total.

2018 TOTAL FABRIC USED = 59.6m

Me made

Simplicity 1914 in Red Sateen

I have had this pattern in my stash forever. I always wanted to make it because it is very lawyer appropriate.

I traced it out as usual, and used the curvy and cup D pieces (gotta love those Amazing Fit patterns). The red was meant to be a wearable muslin, but I think it turned out so damn well. I’m adorable.

3/4 of my back, and a view of Turbot St
So cute.
Vroooom. Vroooom.

And now for my usual tally.

Dress was 2.5m.

2018 TOTAL FABRIC USED = 51.6m

Me · Me made

Gingham Tessuti Bella Dress

Hello dear readers.

Obviously I have been sewing, but not blogging. Work seriously kicked my arse in the last quarter of the year. Along with the usual fun of depression and anxiety. Woooo. I got through it.


I’m trying to post a few existing makes so I can get really into posting as I go in 2019.

Every Frock(Oc)tober, the Brisbane Spoolettes play croquet. After last year, and my vexing sunburn, I bought a beautiful hat. So of course, I needed to make a dress to match.

I have been eyeing off the Tessuti Bella Dress for forever. And I saw large black and white gingham in linen blend at Remnant Warehouse (now sold out) and a plan was hatched.

I adjusted the shoulder width and neckline against my blocks and just cut into the main fabric (eeeep!).  It worked!

Photography by the always amazing Colette.

So nonchalant.

Nice look… dork.

And now for my usual tally.

Dress was 2.6m.

2018 TOTAL FABRIC USED = 49.1m

Me made

Sew Over It Edie Dress

I have bought many Sew Over It patterns, but I hadn’t made any until very recently.

It’s part of their Work to Weekend ebook.

I made it up in a jersey that I bought in NYC in 2014. I don’t love this fabric, but I always get compliments on it.

This isn’t an advertisement for a bank.

So glamorous on George Street

Anyway. I made it up again in gorgeous fabric from Zebra Fabrics.

I wore it to work yesterday and to a Frocktober fundraiser we ran with the Brisbane Spoolettes.  We went to see the Vivienne Westwood documentary.  It was a bit odd, but at least you got to look at the pretty dresses!

I met up with my fellow Frocktoberian Colette after work for a wine at her place before we went to the cinema.  Of course, we took photos!  received_2868990854836521

Photo shoot at Colette’s after work

So pretty. Dawwww.

We also took photos after the movie.


Work it!


Punks. (Sorry for using this one Colette)

Each Sew Over It Edie dress uses 1.5m!  It takes about 2 hours to sew and it’s perfect for funky prints.
2018 TOTAL FABRIC USED = 49.5m